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Genuine Spring Is Coming to Arab World: International Affairs Analyst of DPRK


Pyongyang, May 26 (KCNA) -- Jong Yong Rim, an international affairs analyst of the DPRK, released the following article titled "Genuine spring is coming to Arab world" on May 26:


The 32nd Summit of the Arab League was recently held in Saudi Arabia.


The meeting, attended by all its 22 member states including Syria after over 10 years, specially stressed the need to take concerted action so as to reject foreign interference in the region\and ensure the stability\and security of Arab\and defend its interests. To this end, it took positive\and relevant steps to resolve the regional issues, including the Syrian crisis, the Palestinian cause\and the Sudan dispute, by its own efforts.


The meeting reflecting the regional countries' aspiration\and enthusiasm for independence shows that the catastrophic consequences of the "Arab spring" brought by the U.S.\and the West over ten years ago have finally begun to fade.


In December 2010, a demonstration of citizens was staged in a local city of Tunisia to demand the improvement of living conditions, which developed into violence urging the resignation of the president at the instigation of the U.S.\and the West. With this case as a starting point, the "Arab spring" immediately spilled over into several countries like a malignant tumor.


Since the beginning of 2011, the "Arab spring" had swept Egypt, Libya\and Yemen, resulting in the overthrow of legitimate governments in those countries. In March 2011, even Syria was plunged into great chaos\and a long-term crisis began.


The Arab region,\where the people had enjoyed peaceful\and normal life, quickly turned into a theatre of confusion, disorder, conflict, confrontation\and slaughter as a result of the revolution which is not a revolution,\and the "Arab spring" which is not a spring, which was caused by the persistent behind-the-scenes control by the U.S.\and the West to forcibly implant the "American outlook on value\and democracy".


While resorting to such stereotyped method as "divide\and rule", the U.S. sought to play down the Palestinian issue, the core of the Arab cause, by splitting Arab countries.


It has also been busy selling weapons to Arab countries in the Middle East under the spurious signboard of "security guarantee", while hyping up "threat" rom Iran. As a result, the monopolistic profits of the U.S. have snowballed, but the division, friction, social instability\and tension among the regional countries have festered to the maximum.


However, the U.S. unjust attempt to prioritize its interests\and use the regional countries as a tool\and shock brigade for carrying out its strategy for hegemony has faced stronger opposition rom the regional countries as the days go by.


The recent meeting rejected foreign forces' interference in the regional issues including the Syrian crisis, the Palestinian cause\and the Sudan dispute\and decided to settle them by its own efforts in the light of its own interests. This eloquently proves that the "Arab spring" brought by the U.S. Middle East policy is falling into irreversible bankruptcy.


It can be said that the 32nd Summit of the Arab League was a significant occasion for informing the world of the fact that the "Arab spring", which actually served as a long winter inflicting only misfortune\and pain, has finally ended thanks to the positive efforts of the regional countries, the driving force of the region,\and that the spring of genuine peace\and prosperity has just arrived.


No matter how desperately the U.S. may work to hold hegemony in the Arab region, it can never check the vigorous advance of the regional countries which have started their joint efforts for reconciliation\and unity. -0-