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[Information] Moves for Tightened "Triangular Military Allianc…

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The preparatory committee for building the 16th-term south Korean Federation of University Student Councils made public a statement on March 5 strongly denouncing the formation of the south Korea-U.S.-Japan defence research institute coordinating committee.

The statement recalled that defence research organs of the U.S., Japan and south Korea got together on Feb. 19 and agreed to form the "coordinating committee" and develop it into a "model of new international cooperation".

They also adopted a "joint declaration" stating that south Korea, the U.S. and Japan shall take a joint military countermeasure in case any event of threatening security takes place in the Korean Peninsula and its vicinities, it pointed out.

The bellicose forces of the U.S., Japan and south Korea, the statement said, have decided to build a new military cooperation system and, at the same time, work out a concrete military action plan for mobilizing their armies for cooperation in case of "emergency" and stage various forms of exercises to this end from June 1.

The moves for intensifying the "triangular military alliance" sought by the U.S. have entered a full stage, it said, adding that this increases the danger of invasion on the north while laying a grave obstacle to achieving peace on the Korean Peninsula.

If the conservative hardliners of the U.S. and Japan persist in the moves for a war against the north despite the warnings of the Korean nation, they will be doomed to destruction, the statement said.

It urged the bellicose forces of the south Korean military to maintain the stand for peace and scrap the aggressive "alliance" with the U.S. and Japan.



Japanese Government Urged to

Make Official Apology and Reparation


Members of the women´s and human rights organizations in south Korea including the Council for the Solution of the Issue of the Volunteers Corps and victims of the sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army held the 803rd Wednesday  rally in Seoul on March 5 at which they demanded the Japanese government make an official apology and reparation for the issue of "comfort women".

Speakers at the rally condemned the Japanese government for challenging the world conscience urging it to make an apology and reparation for the crimes related to the sexual slavery enforced by the Imperial Japanese Army in the past, while denying them.

They accused the south Korean "government" of shutting eyes to the misfortune and sufferings of the people, far from judging Japan´s crimes against humankind.

Stressing the need to solve the issue of "comfort women" to settle the grudge of the victims, they urged the "government" to strive hard to force Japan to make an official apology and reparation for the above-said crimes.



S. Korean Organizations Urge U.S. to

 Conclude Peace Agreement with DPRK


Members of civic and public organizations from various circles including the south Korean Solidarity for Progress, the People for Achieving Peace and Reunification and the south Korean Confederation of Trade Unions held a press conference in Seoul on Mar. 6.

A press release read out at the conference accused the south Korean and the U.S. warmongers of staging the "combined tactical drill for setting up a bridge" as part of the Key Resolve and Foal Eagle joint war exercises near the large bridge in Haengju of Seoul on the same day.

The drill was aimed at carrying out a river-crossing operation, the press release noted, adding it has become clearer the exercises were designed to invade the north, not for "defence".

It urged the U.S. not to persist in the war exercises for aggression deepening the crisis of war on the Korean Peninsula but opt for concluding a peace agreement with the DPRK.



U.S.-S. Korea War Exercises under Fire


Key Resolve and Foal Eagle joint military exercises, large-scale war exercises for invading the DPRK, staged by the U.S. and south Korean bellicose forces from March 2 to 7 were extremely provocative and adventurous saber rattling aimed at creating new military tension on the Korean Peninsula and gravely threatening peace and the cause of reunification as they were a dangerous nuclear test war to invade and stifle the DPRK, Rodong Sinmun on Mar. 10 observes this in a signed commentary.

It goes on:

The recent joint military exercises were staged under the simulated conditions of a preemptive attack on the DPRK after deploying huge forces and nuclear attack means in the sky, ground and seas. They were the maneuvers for an actual war as they were aimed at examining and rounding off the capability to carry out the dangerous war scenario for a preemptive nuclear attack on the DPRK which had already been worked out.

What merits a serious attention is the fact that the U.S. openly staged the nuclear war exercises targeted against the DPRK at a time when both are in the process of dialogue and the undertaking to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula is now under way.

One cannot but draw a conclusion, in the final analysis, that for all its noisy talk about "dialogue" and "peaceful solution" the U.S. is, in actuality, not willing to honor its commitments and its fine sounding advertisement is nothing but a ruse to cover up its wild design to invade the DPRK.

It is becoming clearer day by day that the ulterior aim of the U.S. is not to seek a negotiated solution of the issue but settle it by means of military threat, pressure and war against the DPRK.

No wonder, the above mentioned warmongers exceptionally opened to the press the armed forces mobilized in the war exercises and then proceeding in a bid to demonstrate their military muscle.

All facts go to prove that "dialogue" and "peace" much touted by the U.S. and south Korea is nothing but a smokescreen to deceive the world public and cover up their war moves against the DPRK and disarm and militarily stifle it.



Many Korean Women Award Academic Degrees and Professorship


Hundreds of women working in the fields of scientific researches and education have received the titles of People´s Scientist, Merited Scientist, Professor and Doctor over the last decade. They include more than 40 professors and over 170 doctors.

Researcher at the Nonferrous Metal Institute of the State Academy of Sciences Dr. Hyon Yong Ra, a Labor Hero of the DPRK, has devoted her wisdom and zeal to scientific researches, making a noticeable contribution to the scientific development of the country. And researcher at the Ferment Institute of the Branch Academy of Light Industry under the State Academy of Sciences Prof. and Dr. Kang Hui Ho, a "Kim Il Sung Prize" laureate and Merited Scientist, has achieved remarkable results in researches into essential foodstuffs in 40-odd years.

Section chief of the Rungra Science and Technology Center Dr. Ri Son A, a Merited Scientist, selected good spores of various edible and medicinal mushrooms and extensively introduced their cultivation method. Her research results were recognized at international invention exhibitions, invention technology and commodity trading expositions, etc. with the award of gold and top prizes.

Teacher Pae Kwang Hui of Kim Il Sung University and many other woman teachers have been presented with doctorate for their distinguished services for the scientific and educational development of the country.

Prof. and Dr. Choe Sun Yong, a Merited Scientist, and her sister Prof. and Dr. Choe Won Yong, a People´s Scientist, both teach at Kim Chaek University of Technology. These sisters have a lot of things that they can really be proud of Department chief of Pyongyang University of Medicine Kim Yong Jin was awarded the doctor´s degree while devoting herself to scientific researches for the promotion of people´s health and education of the younger generation for many years, succeeding to her mother Prof. and Dr. Yu Suk Gun, a "Kim Il Sung Order" recipient, Labor Hero, People´s Scientist and Candidate Academician, who dedicated her ardor to scientific researches till the last moments of her life as a section chief of the Medical Biology Institute of the Academy of Medical Science.

Today Korean women are devoting all their energies and wisdom to scientific researches and education for the great motherland which glorifies their worth life.



DPRK Foreign Ministry´s Spokesman Blasts

Taiwan´s Bid to Enter UN


A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK gave the following answer to the question put by KCNA on March 8 as regards the Taiwan authorities´ bid to enter the United Nations.

As already reported, the Taiwan authorities announced on February 1 that they would conduct a people´s referendum on the issue of Taiwan´s entry into UN under the name of "Taiwan" on Mar. 22 and they are working hard to stage it at any cost.

Such action of the Taiwan authorities is a grave one to strain the situation in the Taiwan Straits and in Northeast Asia.

The DPRK denounces their attempt and decisively opposes Taiwan´s bid to enter the UN in any form.

The DPRK government has consistently supported the reunification policy of the party and the government of China on the basis of "one China" and "one country and two systems" and it will continue to do so in the future, too.



U.S. War Exercises Denounced in Austria


The left Bloc of the Austrian Trade Union Federation issued a statement on March 6, in which it declared that the Key Resolve and Foal Eagle joint military exercises staged by the U.S. and south Korea are a grave challenge to the progressive humankind struggling for the denuclearization and peace on the Korean Peninsula and the peaceful reunification of Korea.

The statement noted that the bloc supports all the countermeasures taken by the DPRK to defend the country.

Accusing the U.S. of threatening the peace in Korea and this region with a bellicose attitude, instead of keeping its promise with the DPRK, the statement demanded the U.S. take measures to ensure durable peace on the Korean Peninsula.

The statement urged the U.S. and south Korea to halt all their maneuvers to provoke a war against the DPRK and immediately withdraw the U.S. troops from south Korea.



Koreans in Japan Demand

 Lifting of Its Sanctions against DPRK


Officials of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan and Koreans in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Nishitokyo, Chiba and Saitama staged a sit-in strike in Tokyo on March 6 in demand of the Japanese government´s immediate lifting of unreasonable sanctions against the DPRK.

They accused the Japanese government of standing in the way of the six-party talks, repeatedly extending sanctions against the DPRK at a time when positive efforts are being made to settle the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula.

Recalling that Japan extended the sanctions against the DPRK in April and October last year in a bid to increase pressure on it, they strongly demanded the Japanese government immediately lift those sanctions including the embargo on the ship "Mangyongbong-92". 

(compiled from KCNA))

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