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[Information] Homage to Kim Jong Suk Paid by Iranians.... etc.,

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  Iranian Ambassador to the DPRK Morteza Moradian and his embassy officials laid a wreath before the bust of anti-Japanese war hero Kim Jong Suk at the Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery on Mt. Taesong on March 6 on the occasion of the March 8 International Women´s Day.

   They placed before the bust the wreath carrying their boundless reverence and paid a silent tribute to Kim Jong Suk, woman commander of Mt. Paektu who performed distinguished exploits for the development of the women´s movement true to the idea and leadership of President Kim Il Sung.

   Written on the ribbon of the wreath were letters reading "The revolutionary exploits of Comrade Kim Jong Suk, an anti-Japanese war hero, will be immortal!"


DPRK Bitterly Condemns Israel´s Barbaric Massacre

  A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK gave the following answer to the question raised by KCNA on March 5 as regards the massacre perpetrated by Israel through its indiscriminate attack on Gaza Strip of Palestine:

  Of late Israel escalated its military attacks on Gaza Strip of Palestine, indiscriminately killing innocent civilians, the spokesman noted, and continued:

  This action is bringing the strained situation in the area to an extreme pitch of tension and arousing a serious concern of the international community.

  All facts go to clearly prove that Israel is a cancer-like entity disturbing the peace in the Mideast region.

  Israel should stop at once its inhuman massacre of Palestinians and blockade against Gaza Strip and pull its forces out of all occupied Arab territories.


DPRK Delegate Calls on UNSC to Give Developing Countries Representation

 The United Nations Security Council should be reformed in such a way as to give full representation to the developing countries which make up a majority of the UN member states and ensure the impartiality of its activities.

 A DPRK delegate said this in his speech at the meeting of the Special Committee on the UN Charter and on Increasing the Role of the Organization opened in New York on Feb. 27.

 The principles of respect for sovereignty, equality and non-interference in internal affairs laid down in the UN Charter are still wantonly violated in the international relations and the UNSC´s breach of the authority of the UN General Assembly, in particular, is arousing concern among the member states, he noted, referring to a series of issues related  to this.

 The UN should never allow unilateralism and high-handed practices, hurdles lying in the way of establishing a just and fair international relations, and pay due attention to ensuring that all the member states strictly observe the UN Charter, he asserted.

 Underscoring the need to democratize the UN as soon as possible and decisively increase the authority of the General Assembly, he called for introducing a system whereby the UNSC´s resolutions on the use of force and sanctions should be approved by the General Assembly.


DPRK-Japan Friendship Meeting Held in Japan

 A DPRK-Japan friendship meeting was held in Miyagi Prefecture of Japan on February 19.

 Present there were prefectural and city assemblymen from different political parties of Japan, members of the Miyagi Prefectural Japan-DPRK Friendship Association and officials of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon).

 The chairman of the friendship association addressed the meeting.

 Then the chairman of the Miyagi Prefectural Headquarters of Chongryon briefed on the situation of the Korean Peninsula.

 Denouncing the anti-DPRK policy of Japan, which is intensifying the unreasonable suppression of Chongryon and Korean residents in Japan, he strongly demanded that its authorities seek a solution to the issue through dialogue, not sanctions and pressure, and guarantee the rights of Korean residents in Japan.

 Several personages of Japan in their speeches expressed their will to intensify the Japan-DPRK friendship activities so as to ensure early normalization of the bilateral relations and work hard to protect the rights of the Korean residents.


Legal Environment for Respecting Women in DPRK

 The women are being ensured position and dignity on a high level in the DPRK.

 The Korean women, who had been subjected to humiliation and insult in society in the bygone days, have grown to be a proud and mighty unit which undertakes an important role of the Songun revolution today.

 Over the last 60-odd years tens of thousands of ordinary women have been elected deputies to power bodies at all levels and more than 8,000 women become heroines and holders of honorary titles and academic degrees and titles. It eloquently proves that the legal environment for respecting the women has been arranged well in the DPRK. 

 President Kim Il Sung raised the woman´s question as a fundamental issue of the social revolution in the early days of his revolutionary activities.  After the liberation of the country, he saw to it that the Law on Sex Equality which provides the women with equal rights with men in the socio-political, economic and cultural life was promulgated.

 In order to consolidate and develop this legal system, the DPRK government defines clearly in the constitution that the women have the social position and right equal with men and the state provides the women with every condition for their participation in public life.

 The specific laws including the Socialist Labor Law, the Law on the Nursing and Upbringing of Children and the Family Law stipulate that a working day of the woman workers with three and more children is 6 hours and all the children should be reared in the nurseries and kindergartens at the state and social expense. This solid legal foundation makes it possible for the women to do their share in the social progress.

 The Article 20 of the Law on the Nursing and Upbringing of Children specially deals with the protection of mothers.

 In accordance with the article, the state ensures maternity leave to women and the state and social and cooperative organizations bear their salary, food and share.

 The state also registers in time the pregnant women through medical institutions including maternity hospitals, renders systematic medical service and assistance to their childbirth free of charge and protects their health after childbirth. In this way, the state takes care of the promotion of their health in a responsible manner.

 More laws and policies for women have been instituted and enforced one after another in recent years.


Stationery Relics Exhibition in Pyongyang

 An exhibition of stationery relics is open at the Korean Folklore Museum.

On display are more than 200 pieces of relics belonging to the period from the ancient time to the closing years of the Ri Dynasty (the early 20th century).

 What attract special interest of the visitors are paper, ink stick and writing brush which were popular not only at home but also abroad from olden times.

Such paper as kyon-ji (paper durable in quality), paekmyon-ji (snow-white paper) and kyongmyon-ji (glossy paper), ink sticks including songyon-mok (made from pine soot) and yuyon-mok (made from lamp soot), writing brushes such as ryangmi-phil (made from wolf´s tail) and hwangmo-phil (made from weasel´s tail), ink slabs including wiwon-byoru (made in Jagang Province) and rampho-byoru (made in South Chungchong Province) and other unique and finest writing materials illustrate the wisdom of the Koreans who have a time-honored history of calligraphy.

 Such stationery pieces as brush stand and brush rack are also on show.

 Typical relics representing the distinguished creative talent of the Korean nation are brush stands made of bamboo, marble and jade, various shapes of brush-cleaning bowls including the white porcelain with a blue pattern of prunus mume and different sizes of ink-containers including a peach-shaped one.

 Useful and valuable stationery furniture such as a red lacquer chest inlaid with mother-of-pearl, a cupboard and a letter rack are admired by the visitors for their making to suit the tastes of the Koreans.

 The exhibition will be open till the end of April.


  (compiled from KCNA)

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