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새 소식

북부조국소식 | Devotedly Defending the Leader as a Foremost Integrity

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Devotedly Defending the Leader

as a Foremost Integrity


Greeting the first Youth Day in the new centenary of Juche the officials of youth league are filled with exceptional excitement and passion to receive the congratulatory message sent by the dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un to the participants in the meeting for celebrating Youth Day and other youth across the country.

Upholding the militant task put forward in the congratulatory message of Kim Jong Un a youth delegate who came from steel base in northern area made a resolution to bring about a new revolutionary turn in the work of youth league.

He said: "Having received the congratulatory message of peerless great man with great honor in the period of significant historic turn for the cause of Juche revolution, I will wage my work more vigorously on high standard. Particularly I will make more efforts in ideological education to instill the faith of devotedly defending the leader into the minds of youth league members."

His words reflect intention and desire of all the officials of youth league who are working with high combative and enterprising spirit after having received the message.

The youth organization of the DPRK exists to meet the ideology and leadership of the leader and it is a intrinsic demand of youth league organization to devotedly defend the leader.

The youth organizations make primary efforts in ideological education in conformity with their character as a organization of ideological education and particularly encouraged to display highly the spirit of devotedly defending the leader.

As we were deeply moved to read the reminiscence of President Kim Il Sung "With the Century"  under the title of "Revolutionaries Born of the Young
Communist League
" in volume 4, the youth organizations are excellent cradle and university that have fostered vanguard fighters who have same spirit and soul in defending the leader  from the period of anti-Japanese armed struggle till today.

There are touching stories that at sudden emergent situation young people considered about well-being and authority of the leader prior to themselves and devoted their lives to defend the leader .

Although such deed is natural for the youth  who are enjoying noble lives in the embrace of the leader, the President and leader were satisfied with and proud of their ideological and spiritual world and highly appreciated  and held them up.

There are young people and their organizations in each country  but none of them are faithful like the one of DPRK who regard defending the leader as a foremost integrity and create bright future under the banner of devotedly defending the leader.

It does not come of its own accord as one wishes but only when they uphold outstanding leader generation after generation then such noble picture can be seen.

Amid the unimaginable trial Kim Jong Un leads vigorously the advance of Songun youth vanguards with iron will, courage, confidence in victory and optimism. He is another great sun who attracts the minds of young people like magnet with indescribable greatness.

Blessed by the sun the youth and organizations all over the country are brimming with loyalty.

Being iron-willed and faithful the young people and their organizations are advancing with redoubled courage and high spirit. By their gigantic struggle a  day of final victory in building thriving nation will be dawned in near future. 


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