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Korean Peninsula Does Not Welcome European Gentlemen Inciting Confrontation\and Hostility 


Pyongyang, May 25 (KCNA) -- Pak Myong Chol, an international affairs analyst of the DPRK, released the following article titled "Korean Peninsula does not welcome European gentlemen inciting confrontation\and hostility" on May 25:

The president of the European Council\and the chairperson of the European Commission visited south Korea recently.

At a confrontational inter-bloc confab held in Hiroshima of Japan, they were treated as observers. It is needless to pay heed to the reason why they flied to south Korea, but their thoughtless behavior during the junket makes us reconsider the status of the European\union allegedly representing a pole.

No sooner had they set their feet on south Korea than they visited the demilitarized zone, during which they carried on Twitter such awful words "North Korea's nuclear weaponization is a threat to regional peace." At talks\and joint press conferences, they said "European\union will not accept north Korea's possession of nuclear weapons as a normal thing as it does not tolerate Russia's invasion of Ukraine," not content with blaming Russia\and China to copy what the U.S. does.

This only adds to the impression that today's European\union is just a passionate observer that is only good at copying others without its own way of thinking\and principle.

As for the DPRK's status of a nuclear weapons state cited by them, we have never asked EU to recognize something about it as we don't feel the need to do so.

As we are accustomed to witnessing the present plight of EU becoming more\and more divisive\and dependent on the U.S. as days go by, EU had better get used to the status of the DPRK as a nuclear weapons state now.

This time the European rulers unreasonably pulled up the DPRK, saying that its bolstering of self-defence capabilities poses threat to the regional peace. This is just the most typical revelation of the present plight of EU which has lost its strategic independence almost completely as a result of its pursuance of the divisive U.S. pro-alliance policy.

They are keen on gaining the favor of the south Korean puppets, desperately turning a blind eye to the joint military exercises of aggressive nature still going on near the military demarcation line, let alone such threatening rhetoric against the DPRK daringly touted by the U.S.\and its vassal forces as "end of regime", "beheading operation"\and "occupation of Pyongyang." Such behavior highlights their hypocritical colors\and wretched plight.

The EU, getting exposed to security crisis after the outbreak of the Ukrainian event while pressurizing Russia at the U.S. beck\and call, is now extending their begging hand even to south Korea completely subordinated to the U.S. militarily\and taking very unfair\and prejudiced stand on the Korean Peninsula issue at the end of its desperate efforts for winning military support for Ukraine.

However, EU is seriously mistaken in its calculation to meet its interests by intermingling the issue of the Korean Peninsula with the issue of Ukraine\and sharing security with the south Korean puppets.

It is not hard to imagine what would happen if the EU, which has its one leg already plunged into the Ukrainian slough, ties another leg to the U.S. war chariot dashing to the Korean Peninsula across the ocean.

EU had once been appreciated as an "impartial mediator" for maintaining objectivity\and impartiality over the Korean Peninsula issue.

Now, EU has turned into a hanger-on neither recognized nor welcomed by anyone, for it has pursued utterly unbalanced Korean Peninsula policy.

EU seemingly seeks to defuse the present security crisis, brought by its blind pursuance of the U.S. policy of pressurizing Russia, by taking advantage of the hostile policy toward the DPRK. But EU should awake rom such foolish dream.

The Korean Peninsula never welcomes the European gentlemen who incite confrontation\and hostility.

EU should awake to the fact that if it blindly follows the U.S. hostile policy toward the DPRK as now, it will be held accountable for escalating tensions on the Korean Peninsula together with the U.S. -0-



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