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북녘 | Secret of Great Victory in Anti-Epidemic War

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Secret of Great Victory in Anti-Epidemic War


The National Meeting of Reviewing the Emergency Anti-epidemic Work held in August 10 declared victory in the top-level emergency anti-epidemic campaign for exterminating the novel coronavirus that had made inroads into the territory of the DPRK\and protecting the lives\and health of the people.

The DPRK had maintained stability in the epidemic prevention work for two years\and three months, recording the longest period in the world’s epidemiological history,\and now declared a great victory in the anti-epidemic campaign which lasted 91 days after the top-level emergency anti-epidemic system was put in place owing to the inroads of the virus. Then what is the secret?

People-Oriented Anti-Epidemic Policies

On May 12, the Eighth Meeting of the Political Bureau of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea was held\and adopted a decision on switching the state epidemic prevention work system to a top-level emergency anti-epidemic system. It was followed by over 10 important Party meetings, which took measures for releasing the state reserve medicines\and supplying them to the fever cases across the country, rapidly dispatching combatants in the medical field of the Korean People’s Army to stabilize the supply of medicines in Pyongyang\and providing living conditions of the people. As well as the immediate anti-epidemic measures, they advanced tasks for simultaneously pushing ahead with the building of the state anti-epidemic capacity which can provide a reliable anti-epidemic environment for the people by coping with any public health crisis.

As a result, the daily number of fever cases that recorded 390 000 in the early days after the top-level emergency anti-epidemic system was put in place fell to fewer than 90 000 one month later; the number then continued to decrease,\and since July 29 no suspect case has been reported.

The death rate is 0.0016%.

The violent public health crisis was quelled in more than 80 days\and the country became a clean area free of coronavirus,\and the Korean people regained stability\and peace in 91 days.

The WPK’s anti-epidemic policy which brought about such an astonishing miracle was filled with absolute love for the people.

It is the WPK’s creed that the life of every one of the people is most precious\and that the Party, the state\and all other things in the country exist when all the people are healthy. It is the principle of its activities to adopt\and implement policies to meet the interests of the people rom their viewpoint\and stand while prioritizing them.

Therefore, for the Party the anti-epidemic campaign was not merely a struggle against the virus but a war to defend the precious people.

All-People Resistance\and All-People Efforts

After the outbreak of the epidemic, the Party\and government took powerful measures.

They included such emergency measures as switching the hygienic epidemic prevention system over to a state emergency anti-epidemic system until the danger of the infection vanished, completely blockading all spaces including the borders, frontline areas, coasts, seas\and air space,\and locking up the whole country by region\and unit as the most urgent measure in the struggle against the novel coronavirus which suddenly made inroads into the territory of the country.

These measures were based on the trust in the\organizational ability, sense of discipline\and unity unique to the Korean people.

In the previous days the Korean people had absolutely supported the epidemic prevention policies of the Party\and government\and accepted them as the most just ones as they felt with their hearts the validity\and vitality of the Party’s policies in the past, sharing the destiny with it,\and observed\and unconditionally implemented the regulations\and directives with regard to the emergency epidemic prevention work with consciousness\and a sense of obligation.

During these days, the Korean people had borne deep in mind that the work of observing the epidemic prevention regulations was not merely for themselves but for defending the health, lives\and future of their family members\and all other people in the country.

Such patriotism, high sense of\organization\and voluntary joint efforts produced thoroughgoing implementation\and perfect result of the anti-epidemic policies\and lines of the Party\and government.

The great victory in the anti-epidemic campaign is a fruition of the all-people joint efforts.

Virtues\and Affection Stronger than Latest Medical Science\and Technology

The month of May witnessed the reality of the country, whose national practices include virtues\and affection.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Undonated reserve medicines prepared by his family to the Headquarters Committee of the WPK with a fervent prayer that peace\and laughter would settle again in all families across the country at an early date, suggesting that they be sent to a family in difficulty. The people in South Hwanghae Province received these medicines.

Following suit, officials of the WPK Central Committee\and their families, officials of ministries\and national agencies\and Party\and government\organs in provinces, cities\and counties donated their reserve medicines,\and medical workers\and people across the country sent medicines\and foods to the treatment\and prevention units\and needy families.

The medical field of the KPA prepared over 2 million medicine cases\and thousands of copies of manuals on folk remedies\and traditional medical treatment methods\and more than 32 500 copies of books on various hygiene knowledge, before distributing to the pharmacies in Pyongyang,\and the medics not only waited for the patients to come to the pharmacies but visited them to supply medicines to them\and treat them.

During the period, over 8 000 mobile kiosks were\organized in all neighbourhoods across the country\and more than 30 000 volunteers participated in the supply of foods, medicines\and daily necessities to provide convenience to the people in their living.

More than 2 400 persons, who had formerly worked in the public health sector, voluntarily participated in medical service.

The traits of regarding others’ pain as one’s own\and sharing human feeling\and affection were displayed in all regions, villages\and units.

Virtues\and affection are something like food for the Korean people in their life.

These feelings, which overflow in society in the face of a hard time, exerted a greater influence than medicines\and constituted a secret\and guarantee more powerful than latest medical science\and technology in the victory in the recent anti-epidemic war in the DPRK.


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