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Why Has US Thoroughly Failed

in Its 70 Years-long Imperialist War against DPRK? Part III




Kiyul Chung | Tuesday, August 23, 2016, 18:00 Beijing



[Editor’s note: The following paper in 4 Parts was originally prepared to present before the 70th Anniversary International Symposium on the occasion of Kim Il Sung University Foundation in Pyongyang, DPRK in September 29 – October 1, 2016.


The 4th Media believes Dr. Chung’s paper might be beneficial for its global readership hopefully to understand better the “anti-imperialist” struggle DPRK has endlessly waged ever since the Korean peninsula has been forcibly divided by the Washington’s “Imperial Ambition” in 1945. However, the topic the author persistently dealt or wrestled with throughout the paper could be a non-issue or a less-readily acceptable issue to many.


But, since both the worst W Bush and Obama era ever since early 2000s, specifically with the disastrous and helpless experiences from the cases of former Yugoslavia (in Clinton era), Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Syria, Yemen and many other defenseless nations around the world which had been either already destroyed into shatters and ruins or still being bombed daily for years, it seems many in the world today might have a better (or much better?) position finally to understand at least what the nonstop DPRK-US confrontation for over 70 years is all about.


Therefore, some of the core arguments Prof. Chung presented in his paper should be quite controversial and/or for many hard to swallow to agree with. The 4th Media however hopes its global readership to wrestle with a rather long paper which painstakingly dealt with certainly the most (worst) demonized nation on earth the “North Korea” of its “not-known-before (or probably never been introduced) -to the world issue”, called, the “Military-first Politics“. Best wishes!]




On Historical Significance of “Songun (i.e., Military-First) Politics”




Part I



Introduction Linguistic Analyses and Interpretations

The DPRK-US Struggle and a New Future for the Humanity

A New Russia-China Alliance and the Failed “Anglo-American Empire”


Part II


The Songun Politics is the Answer

“Parallel Strategy to Develop Simultaneously both Economy and the Nuclear Power”

Most Challenging, Unpredictable Task: “Leadership Succession”


Part III


“North Korean Collapsing Theories” Made in USA

The Game Is Over: “Collapse of Collapsing Theories” and the Peace Treaty Issue

Rapidly Growing Geopolitical Awareness on the DPRK’s Parallel Strategy

Military-First Revolution Continues Through Generations

An Undeniable Historical Fact: It’s the US Who Has Always Failed


Part IV


The First-ever Defeat the US Imperialists Had in Its War History

The Korean Holocaust and Other Unrecognized Holocausts


Conclusive remarks


 Most Extreme Asymmetrical War, Cultural Imperialism, Great Suffering

    Songun Politics, US President’s Admittance of Military Defeat




Part I: http://www.4thmedia.org/2016/08/why-has-us-thoroughly-failed-in-its-70-years-long-imperialist-war-against-dprk/

Park II: http://www.4thmedia.org/2016/08/102416/






“North Korean Collapsing Theories” Made in USA

The last quarter century of DPRK history can be characterized as in the following languages, the ‘extreme poverty, hunger thereby indescribably great suffering.’ DPRK population as a whole had to pay an immeasurable price for its never-back-down anti-imperialist principle to fight defiantly monster-like global empire for 70 years.


So it’d to breathlessly face endless challenges which had caused endless sufferings forever upon its entire population. The Songun period, as mentioned above already a couple of times, for about a quarter century, it’d been also called 2nd Arduous March which usually meant the period ofunimaginable, indescribable, unthinkable and unspeakable sufferings for the entire population in the north.


The timing of the most challenging period for DPRK was coincidentally overlapped with the timing of a series of simultaneously collapsing states, starting with the Soviet Union and its Eastern European satellite socialist states. The socialist China in the meantime was so busy then with its new socioeconomic, cultural and political experiment, i.e., the ‘Chinese-style socialist market economy’, also called “Reform and Opening Door Policy” which began with the China-US normalization in 1979.


The timing of all the above-mentioned world’s major earthquake-like geopolitical power politics taking place was also coincided with the sudden but peaceful departure of the DPRK founder President Kim Il Sung at 82 in July 8, 1994. That timing was also tragically coincided with the subsequently following 5-6 years of consecutive major natural disasters.


All that timing then made almost everybody in the world assume the “North Korea will soon collapse” within a foreseeable future. Many in 1990s comfortably predicted its imminent collapse with some specific timings starting with the “2-3 months or up to 6 months” theory. When the widely-predicted imminent collapse didn’t happen within that specific time periods, they came up with another time frame such as the “within 2-3 years” of collapse theory.


But after all, during that quarter century-long Arduous March period, no matter what US imperialists did and no matter how great the suffering was in the north, Washington failed to destroy DPRK. US failed to force the ‘regime change’ in the north. The predicted collapse the world sang for a quarter century however didn’t happen. How? And why?


The simplest answer to that question is the Songun politics which has made the US endlessly failed to implement its “regime change” agenda in the north. During a YouTube interview in January 22, 2015, Obama claimed “the North Korea is the most isolated, the most sanctioned, the most cut-off nation on Earth”.


Yes, even if he didn’t have any idea what he was talking about and what it meant to be with regard to the unspeakable suffering it’d caused upon the DPRK population of 25 million, he was however correct to say that.


Indeed, as he said, DPRK, for about a quarter century, was exactly like that. So many call what DPRK is all about now an unimaginable miracle. Indeed, what a great miracle it is! No matter what the Washington/Tel Aviv-controlled world did, it’s absolutely sure the global empire has endlessly lost anyway.


The 70 years-old global scale war against the other end, i.e., asymmetrically look so small on a tiny land with extremely limited basic resources such as food, electricity and energy, with a small population, etc. etc. versus the world’s most and unprecedentedly gigantic, humongous, mammoth empire the humanity has never known before in its entire history.


The Songun politics therefore must be the main culprit in the eyes of global imperialists. That’s why the more and more getting psychopathic Washington, the more and more unimaginably insanePark in Seoul, and the more and more cunningly opportunistic cowardice in Tokyo all in unison have adamantly opposed to the introduction of Parallel Strategy.


The Game Is Over: “Collapse of Collapsing Theories” and the Peace Treaty Issue


The following excerpt is from one of the most recent interviews by Dr. Johan Galtung, a globally-renowned scholar, peace activist, founder of the Peace Research Institute in Oslo, with a conservative daily newspaper in Seoul. For the sake of our discussion, I’m going to share some of his ideas and thoughts below:


“…….. Despite Pyongyang’s unabated nuclear ambitions, Seoul should seek to craft an ‘exit strategy’ to defuse cross-border tension away from the current focus on sanctions and pressure, … he noted that the South Korean Park Geun-hye [regime], with its hardline stance against the North, should now take a different approach. … I think it is more Washington’s rather than Seoul’s policy, hence no exit strategy. … The U.S. policy from 1953 on has been to hope for and stimulate a DPRK (North Korea) collapsehugely underestimating their strength.DPRK has demanded a peace treaty, normal relations, and a nuclear free Korean Peninsula, and has run out of patience. … the [so-called] ‘North Korea Collapse Theory’ will be collapsed before [if] the “North Korea” as a nation [ever does so] … Ever since 1812 until 1953, the United States had won all the wars it fought. However, for the first time, it didn’t win the war it fought against the newly-born nation, i.e., Democratic People’s Republic of Korea(DPRK). The US lost its war to DPRK in 1950-53. The US can’t stand with that humiliated historical fact in which they didn’t win the war. By the way, from 1801 to today the US has endlessly engaged more than 284 times in the wars around the world. ……”


As mentioned above, nonetheless, the third generation of the nation’s new leadership has masterfully implemented DPRK’s almost a century-long human-centered military first tradition into the practical work. What it means is the 70 years-old D-U struggle is over! The game is over! In other words, it meant the unilaterally-imposed 70 years of uneven structure of D-U struggle has fundamentally changed with a new reality, i.e., DPRK had undoubtedly acquired a sufficientnuclear deterrent power already.


Indeed, within such a short 5-year period, under the masterful leadership performed by Chairman Kim, it seems DPRK must have successfully acquired scientifically one of the world’s most sophisticated nuclear technologies today. In order to further develop its nuclear-related technologies such as “diversification, miniaturization and weight lightening” skills, he seems to have made extraordinary efforts.


The more US threatens DPRK, as the latter argues always, the more its “already most sophisticated strategic nuclear weapons and capabilities” seems evermore being further improved to “an unlimited level.” A series of following successful nuclear- and missile/rocket-related tests in recent years, particularly the 2015 and 2016 consecutive years are some good examples. Last year to name a few are specifically ICBM, SLBM, etc.


This year to name several tests are most importantly starting with the H-bomb in January and afterwards next several months, followed by IRBM-ICBM, SLBM, EMP, Atmospheric Reentry, Rocket Solid Fuel, New Type of ICBM Ground Expulsion Engine, etc. As arguably contended already, the above-exampled nuclear and rocket/missile-related technologies have fundamentally changed the above-mentioned uneven structure of the 70 years-old D-U struggle.


Due to the above-discussed fundamental structural change in D-U struggle which has consequently resulted the fundamental status change of DPRK in the world power politics, one could therefore conclude the 64 years-delayed but now unavoidably-impending (or ‘must-be’) process of signing thePeace Treaty seems to have finally begun in an irreversible way.


For US, many already have argued, it seems today there is no more time and space left for Washington to run away, as they did last 60 some years, from that new reality any longer. The impending process of signing the Peace Treaty between DPRK and US is something like a dream come true. It’s not a fiction. Not an illusion. It’s a new reality. Therefore, sooner or later, as in recent years many argue more comfortably, this dream may indeed come true. The evermore further developed DPRK’s nuclear technology and continued self-reliant economic development seem to have made US out of more choices but to respond accordingly.


In any case, as a matter of fact, the Washington’s defeat to Pyongyang is not a mere defeat in an ordinary military warfare. Neither was it a defeat in a “One-on-One” warfare, nor a defeat from ajust onetime fighting in a single battle. Rather it’s the series of nonstop, multiple and ongoing defeats for the duration of 70 years in the form of repeated compromises, concessions and retreats. Washington’s defeat in fact is the defeat of the US-controlled world as a whole.


It’s the defeat of the US-ruled world which has relentlessly imposed its 70 years of long and deadly serious ‘total warfare’ against a single and a very small entity in multiple fronts, almost in all areas such as: 1) military (both psychological and military hardware); 2) economy; 3) culture, 4) socio-politics; 5) science; and 6) evermore changing world’s power politics, etc. It’s been undeniably, undoubtedly and undisputedly an “all-out war” for that many long decades.


The D-U struggle therefore one can cautiously predict is finally about to come to an official end by finally implementing the 1953 agreement, i.e., the signing of Peace Treaty, which was made officially among 3 warring parties between DPRK-China and US. However, it’s not going to be freely given by a benevolent party. In any case, the Washington imperialists voluntarily won’t do that. Therefore, the Peace Treaty is something “our peoples in north, south and overseas” all together must obtain by force. The force which means the nuclear power of the north will continually force the US all the way through until they sit and sign the paper.


Today not only the world but also the people themselves in DPRK seem all amazed to watch thaturgent and most wanted task the world has often dismissed impossible is being, day by day, month by month, and year after year, unbelievably unfolded before their eyes. The economic development seems, with an unimaginable speed, to have continued from a much more improved, strengthened but most importantly scientifically assured position than the past.


The rapid economic development at least last several years has been reportedly due to those saved 30% military expenditure since somewhere around 2006 when DPRK successfully tested their first nuclear bomb in October. Before 2006, according to another inside but credible report on the economy with regard to the military spending, DPRK’s national defense bill was up to around 33% in their entire national budget.


However, after the 2006’s first successful nuclear bomb test, again according to a DPRK inside information, without being further afraid of US nuclear attacks they’d endlessly feared for well over half a century ever since they’ve been threatened being bombed in November 1950, DPRK finally was able to relocate their nation’s financial resources to the areas of human wellbeing, in other words, the longtime-delayed economic development.


Surprise to most, even the outside world’s mainstream media outlets can’t hide or refute anymore, DPRK’s once almost-unachievable goal to become both economically and militarily much stronger simultaneously has been already achieved in many aspects. However, no matter what’s happened, most so-called “Korea experts” and mainstream media pundits mainly in Washington and Tokyo but most prominently the psychopathic Park in Seoul have reputed the Parallel Strategy impossible or unachievable.


Like the Washington neocon psychopaths, the equally psychopathic Park regime in the south is a worst example as the worst-ever nightmare for the entire nation and Northeast Asia as a whole. No matter how much rapidly the situation in the north has changed, those sick people’s ill-willed stereotypical predictions of “collapse theory” have never changed. Their groundless, ideologically-twisted and/or a fiction-like wishful predictions of “North Korean soon-to-be-collapsing” theories have never been dropped.

People like the severely psychopathic Park in Seoul live in a fictitious worldAn illusion replaces a reality. Nonetheless, for decades, all their baseless, wishful therefore irresponsible North Korean collapse theories have been discarded, humiliated or at least chastened all along. In fact, the longer DPRK has continued to prosper under any circumstances, the more all sorts of psychopathic insanities in Washington, Tokyo, and Seoul have become further severer.


The longer Washington desperately repeats its evermore failed psychological warfare against DPRK in the form of typical demonization campaigns such as so-called “human rights abuse, money laundering, drug trade, political prisoner camps,” etc. the more their unscientifically wishful predictions of ‘collapsing theories’ are trashed out. Those trash-like groundless accusations against DPRK is lately furthermore disgracefully dismissed.


Lately a more number of people even in Washington seem stay away from those ill-willed wishful predictions of various “North Korean” collapsing theories. So once again one can assuredly conclude the Songun politics during the most challenging Arduous March era had however successfully prepared the third generation of nation’s leadership to be able to launch its absolutely justifiable Parallel Strategy. It seems Dr. Galtung wasn’t wrong when he fascinatingly phrased on all those ill-willed collapsing theories will collapse first.


Rapidly Growing Geopolitical Awareness on the DPRK’s Parallel Strategy


Thus, as we’ve already discussed above from the very beginning of this paper, I do still believe the military-first concept shouldn’t be mechanically read as a one-dimensional exclusive concept in terms of the military-only or –limited concept. But it instead should be interpreted inclusively from a multidimensional background within the context of people-centered military strategy, not vice versa. I believe it’s now undeniably proven to the world that this human-centered military-first politics as a nation’s supreme strategy has not only safeguarded DPRK’s national security but also their people’s wellbeing.


This sort of new geopolitical awareness among some global populations seems to have grown to a much higher level, so that they’d understand a bit better how and why DPRK has not only survived but also been able to continue its undisruptive self-reliant economic developments, particularly ever since the new Chairman Kim has taken the nation’s supreme leadership in late 2011. Like last 60 some years, under the 3rd new leadership, DPRK is still being blockaded economically, sanctioned financially, isolated internationally, and threatened militarily with nonstop nuclear war threats. However, no matter what, DPRK’s undisruptive economic development has been exponentially further improved.


Coincidentally, the timing of the arrival of Kim Jong Eun era was identical with the sudden demise of sovereign oil-rich Libya in late 2011. It was one of the strategic outcomes from US/Tel Aviv-instigated “regime change” strategies which began in Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Ukraine and throughout the world. This timing element however seems to have worked paradoxically as a quite positive factor for the strategically identical timing of the introduction of Parallel Strategy launched by the third generation of the nation’s new leadership to the world in 2013.


It was when those nations who were prone to self-determined anti-imperialist principles, particularly China and Russia had painstakingly or regrettably realized an important political lesson that unless a sovereign nation, by any means necessary, can defend itself independently with its own self-defensive measures, its destiny can be abruptly taken away by outside forces and disappeared forever. Both Iraq and Libya were in turn destroyed right after they had been forced or volunteered to abandon their self-defensive military capabilities.


The US-led NATO’s war crimes and crimes against humanity which have been repeatedly committed in nations like Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Sudan in the past, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen today have never been checked, stopped and/or punished. Of course, for more than half a century, another most notoriously war crimes and crimes against humanity which have been unstoppably committed against Palestinians by the Washington-supported Israeli Zionists for more than half a century haven’t been checked, stopped and/or punished either.


But most importantly it seems the most recent Iraqi and Libyan lesson must have made the world learn a very serious political lesson. Therefore, in a way, the timing of the introduction of Parallel Strategy seemed favorable. One could point out it was sort of a perfect timing in terms of more favorable, supportive, understandable political environments, recognitions and solidarities from around the world in general, most third world nations in particular.


Therefore, a more number of people seem to have figured out much better why and how DPRK for that many long years could have categorically defeated US imperialist war of aggressions at every turn. It seems now therefore much difficult for the world to negate an undeniable historical fact that the US is the one who’s been repeatedly ridiculed by an extremely asymmetrical enemy.


Lately therefore it seems now less controversial or less disputable on the question if DPRK’s people-centered Songun revolution had not only saved the nation from the madness of psychopathic Washington imperialists and its vassal states like Tokyo and South Korea but also enabled the nation dramatically to have become now “a global nuclear superpower.” So it’s logically quite understandable if the Songun politics is still the most important norm for all the major both national and international issues in DPRK. It seems in the North the Songun philosophy is like a most revered norm for the entire population.


For example, even in the third national leadership era, almost the century-long tradition of military-priority revolution hasn’t changed a bit. It instead in Kim Jong Eun era had been strategically further reinforced, restructured and reinvigorated with a much heavier emphasis on the economic development than the past. Therefore, lately the Parallel Strategy seems more like a globally-recognized public knowledge. After the 7th Party Congress it’s become much more so. As noted above, it’s been already legally enshrined in the newly-revised Preface of the Korea Workers’ Party Rules.


No matter whether outside world supports or not, it seems after the 7th Party Congress a more number of people in the world would readily agree with the notion that the military-first revolution was, is and will be the most fundamental factor how and why DPRK has not only survived but also in such a short quarter century time period mysteriously become “a global nuclear superpower”. For many remember it’s all happened while DPRK has endlessly been blockaded economically, sanctioned financially, and threatened by the most aggressive, arrogant and psychopathic nuclear-armed nation on earth.


Military-First Revolution Continues Through Generations


After the liberation from a half century long Japanese colonial rule in August 1945, most, if not all, survived Korean revolutionaries from the heroic anti-Japanese armed struggle had assumed the core leadership at all levels of the party, the military, and the nation. As a very rare but politically very crucial national tradition, the continuation of military-first revolution, strategically succeeded by the following generations of the leadership for 70 years is still very much true today.


Not only the second generation but also even the third generation of the Korean revolution are already active, visible and doing great in the party, the military and the nation, of course in the nation’s top leadership as well. However, not only those people who took part in the anti-Japanese armed struggle but also many nationalistic therefore independence-minded workers, peasants, educators, intellectuals, scholars, scientists, cultural artists, even landowners, conglomerates, religious people, etc., and also many of their descendants, too, have continually participated in the honorable work of ongoing processes of nation-building for 70 years as well. It’s still very true, too.


Therefore, it seems the military-first tradition is still for sure the most important norm for all the crucial matters in the nation. So it’s not surprising at all if the military-first principle had been further reinforced from late 1990s during the nation’s most challenging period. As well-known, it was probably the harshest, most challenging therefore unbelievably suffering period. Now more than ever, there seem no more doubts that if the nation’s leadership had not been able to successively carry out that tradition to the present, the most persistently defiant “anti-imperialist, self-determined socialist nation” had definitely not been able to survive.


If so, then DPRK’s famous never-back-down tradition of their non-negotiable principles on the issues such as anti-imperialism, self-determination, socialism might have not been honored either. Even if not everybody is keenly aware of, however, now more than ever a more number of people seemed to have acquired much more knowledge and information, particularly after those criminal US/Tel Aviv-led imperialist wars against Iraq, Libya, today Syria, etc., why DPRK has chosen the military-first revolution as their sort of a “survival tool.”


As everybody knows, the early 1990s was when the Soviets and its satellite eastern European socialist block collapsed. It was also when China, too, was busy with their national strategy, i.e., the “Reform, Opening-door Policy.” It was when literally the whole world was either forcibly or voluntarily being friendly with, subjugated to, dictated by, or, if none of them, then sanctioned, demonized, isolated and even invaded, destroyed, deprived or massacred by the Washington-imposed “New World Order”.


Therefore, lately there seem not many doubts why DPRK had to take that hard choice as their ownself-defensive measures such as acquiring their own nuclear deterrent power. Yes, it seems quite so. Lately, unlike the past, even in China and Russia, there seem not many disagreements anymore why DPRK had to become one of the global nuclear superpowers, so that they’d independently not only defend themselves from nonstop insane US nuclear war threats forever but also deter, stopand, if needed, defeat the Washington’s never-dying nuclear war adventures.


However, no matter what US has done for about six decades, unlike the case in the south where they’ve been still occupying ever since September 8, 1945, Washington has repeatedly failed to occupy the other half of Korean peninsula in the north. That’s true, too. US has never been able to successfully carry out any of their anti-DPRK strategies, tactics, gimmicks, whatsoever for 70 years now.


For some unbelievable reasons, Washington’s ‘regime change’ agenda has never been successfully accomplished. Therefore, the 70 years-old Washington’s anti-DPRK policy has been riddled with nonstop humiliations, setbacks, disasters, helplessness, etc. So in the history of DPRK-US confrontations, there seem so many mysteries, unanswered mysteries. Strangely enough, US has repeatedly backed down from all sorts of imperialist aggressions against its arch enemy.


An Undeniable Historical Fact: It’s the US Who Has Always Failed


Throughout the history of DPRK-US confrontation, an indisputable fact is that after 70 years of EVERYTHING and ANYTHING the US-led global imperialist coalition has done against DPRK, Washington so far has failed to accomplish its hidden agenda, i.e., to occupy the North thereby they’d not only control the whole Korean peninsula but also the entire region of Northeast Asia. No matter how the US imperialists and their paid apologists, media pundits and history books argue about the 70 years of US military occupation history in the South, Washington still hasn’t won its imperialists’ unilateral war against the North.


In other words, the OGS, the unprecedented or unheard of global empire ever existed in history, whose over 1,000 some military bases spread around the world in more than 135 nations, has done EVERYTHING and ANYTHING against a tiny, small, mostly mountainous (about 80% of its total area) and even divided nation. However, still for most in the world, the above-argued statements that US has lost its imperialist war of aggressions against DPRK wouldn’t easily make sense.


By the way, just in case, for your basic information, the size of DPRK is 46,528 square mi which is about the size of State of Ohio, 44,825 square mi. Its size is the 34th in the whole United States whose total area is 3.8 million square mi which is the 3rd/4th largest land mass in the world. Till this very day, even if US has repeatedly committed all sorts of illegal, clandestine or covert stuff, i.e., the tens of thousands of internationally-prohibited unspeakably heinous, inhumane and vicious “crimes against humanity and war crimes” against DPRK and its 25 million population for 70 years, Washington still has not been able to make even a 0.000 millimeter advance beyond the 38th Parallel.


No matter how the White House, State Dept. and their faithful corporate media pundits argue, the undeniable fact is that Washington has lost its “Imperial Ambition” (Noam Chomsky) in the intentionally-prolonged therefore yet-unfinished Korean War for over 60 years. As plainly revealed in the entire 70 years-long history of DPRK-US confrontations, Washington has repeatedly retreated from their agendas. As Galtung argued above, “the first and major retreat as their first defeat in their entire war history” Washington had to make was “the Signing of Armistice Agreement with DPRK and PRC in July 27, 1953.”


No matter how their historians write about it, the Armistice Agreement was undisputedly their major retreat or defeat from their original strategic goal to occupy the North and therefore even go further to advance beyond the Yalu River, the borderline between Korea and China. In his 2010 book “Korean War”, Prof. Cumings who “likens the indiscriminate American bombing of North Korea to genocide” writes the “United States succeeded in containment [of North Korea], establishing the 2.5-mile-wide demilitarized zone that still runs through Korea’s middle, but failed miserably at the war for the north, an attempt at Communist rollback.”


The fact that US, even if it’d brought its 15 vassal states under the cover of UN hat, had to sit with DPRK from July 10, 1951 and to talk about the ending the war, barely a year after they started the imperialist war in June 25, 1950 all the way until the 27th of July 1953, means they’d already lost the war from the early part of the Korean War.


For the sake of the record, throughout 3 years of war, US had mobilized all together about 2 million from 16 nations including its own 1.79 million US troops to the war. After the aggression of US imperialist war, more than 4-5 million Korean populations were wiped out, more than 80% of the entire nation was destroyed. Another information that should be noted that the “U.S. dropped more bombs in Korea (635,000 tons, as well as 32,557 tons of napalm) than in the entire Pacific theater during WW II.” For example, in his harsh critique of David Halberstam’s 2007 book “The Coldest Winter” in his same book “Korean War”, Cumings argues “there [in Halberstams’ book] is absolutely nothing on the atrocious massacres of this [Korean] war, or the American incendiary bombing campaigns” such as the “32,557 tons of napalm” dropped on Korean soil.


Therefore a cruel fact as a seriously challenging issue for the White House is the official acknowledgement of their defeat to Pyongyang by signing the Peace Treaty isn’t going to be a simple, easy or ordinary one. For most, if not all, the Washington’s defeat is going to be taken something as an incomprehensible event. But eventually the cruel reality will remind them, no matter they like or dislike, that’s the fact, an undeniable fact they’d refute anymore unlike they did last 60 some years. It’s like impossibility became possibility as a historical fact. The history of DPRK-US confrontation for 70 years can be summarized as simplest as in the following: the first has repeatedly succeeded while the latter has continually failed. Even in a much shorter and simpler way, it can be said as follows: Pyongyang won, Washington lost.


That’s why still most in the world will have hard time to understand what it’s all about. Even if Washington did everything, literally they’ve done everything they could, as an irrefutable historical fact, the US, as the unprecedented therefore never-existed “Only Global Superpower” in human history, has failed to move the dividing line of the Korean peninsula up toward even 0.0001 mm. The defeat therefore could be taken by many, as the OGS’ first official acknowledgement of its final demise to an incomparably asymmetrical enemy.


The asymmetric dimension of the D-U struggle is indispensable for a logically and objectively comprehensive understanding of the Korean peoples’ forcibly continued war against US for 63 years. Both internal and external differences of two nations in all aspects, I mean in every aspect, are simply incomparable. The history that Washington still hasn’t been able to finish its 70 years-old imperialist war of aggressions against DPRK is itself a defeat.


(Continues in Part IV)


Prof. Kiyul Chung, Editor-in-Chief at The 4th Media, in addition to a PhD he earned in the United States, also earned another doctoral degree, called, Doctor of Sociopolitics (SPD) from DPRK in 2014. Before he joined the Tsinghua University in Beijing, China as a Visiting Professor since September 2009, he’d been teaching in the States, South Korea and China ever since mid 1980s. While still working in China, however, since 2011, he’s been also invited to several universities in Japan such as Keio, Rikkyo and Korea University in Tokyo, Kyoto, Doshisha and Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto where he’s been lecturing as either Visiting Professor or Guest Lecturer. After obtaining a DPRK doctoral degree in the area of social science, he’s been also called into teaching at Kim Il Sung University in Pyongyang, DPRK since March 2015. His articles have been published around the world since 1990s in addition to his prolific Korean articles which have been published in both North and South Korean medias including independent medias in overseas Korean communities throughout the world. Since December 1994, he’s published about 300 some articles in several Korean-language medias in both Koreas. His first English book (The Donghak Concept of God/Heaven: Religion and Social Transformation, Peter Lang Publishing Inc.) was published both in the United States and Europe in 2007. His first two Korean books were published in the South in 2009 and 2012 respectively. His two latest Korean books were also published in the North in 2015 and 2016 as well.


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우주과학기술목표달성을 위한 연구와 교류활동 심화
엘에이와 뉴욕에서 < 소리여 모여라 > 다큐영화 관계자들과의 간담회 진행
강국의 첫째 징표, 강국건설의 선결조건은 인민의 도도한 정신력
故 김기남동지의 장의식을 본 후기
엘에이동포들 5.18민주항쟁 기념식과 오월문화제 진행
재일조선인평화통일협회 간사회를 열고 조직을 해산
[김여정부부장 담화] 대한민국은 조선민주주의인민공화국 인민의 표현의 자유를 비판할 자격이 없다
[KCTV 조선중앙텔레비죤 보도] 5월 28일 (화)
[사진으로 보는 로동신문] 5월 29일 (수)
경애하는 김정은동지께서 창립 60돐을 맞는 조선민주주의인민공화국 국방과학원을 축하방문하시였다
경애하는 김정은동지께서 국방과학원을 축하방문하시여 하신 연설
《사회주의 우리 집이 낳은 평양의 <처녀어머니> 》의 후기
김정은위원장의 혁명사상으로 철저히 무장하자- 믿음의 철학
[사진과 영상] 조선관광총국에서 전하는 조선의 봄
[로동신문사설]당의 지방발전정책실행으로 지역의 3대혁명화를 추동하자
장하다! 강대한 조국의 위상을 더 높이 떨치며 계속 돌진하라!
《지방발전 20×10 정책》을 위한 시, 군별사회주의경쟁
유엔은 미국의 독주무대가 아니라고 강조
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