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US Should Be Brought to Human Rights Tribunal



DPRK citizens are now strongly demanding that the United States be brought to international tribunal for its flagrant human rights violations.


Referring on the fact that the deadly Ebola virus was reported to be spread by the US, kingpin of human rights abusers in the world, Hong Sun Gwang, vice-president of the State Sanitary Inspection Board of the DPRK, told KCNA:

Roberts, who was an aide to ex-US President Reagan, disclosed in an article that the US developed a progenitor of Ebola virus at bio-weapon institutes built in West African countries for the purpose of launching a biological warfare. The news has stunned the world community. Russian scientists, a Liberian professor and an Egyptian newspaper criticized the US government and military as chief culprits who conducted a bio-terrorism in African nations with Ebola virus. Nevertheless, the US acts a "human rights judge" in international arena, pulling up other countries over "human rights records". The US is the A-class criminal that should face a stern punishment by mankind for its unprecedented human rights violations.


Dr. Kim Yong Suk, a section chief of the Ministry of Higher Education, said:

Anti-racism demonstrations have lasted for more than 100 days in the US, with the case of shooting an innocent young black man to death by a white policeman as a starting point. Even after a state of emergency was declared in Ferguson City, Missouri State on November 17, the demonstrations raged throughout the US, including New York and Los Angels, in protest against the decision not to indict the murderer. However, the US police again shot to death a 12-year-old black boy in Ohio State. The facts clearly show that the US is the worst tundra of human rights to be condemned by the world people.



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