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Epoch-making Change That Can Be Planned\and Realized Only by Our Great Party

2023. 5. 18.





Recently, the rural villages in Yokgudo-ri of Paechon County\and in Samgwang-ri of Unjon County have been face-lifted\and different villages in Jisin Vegetable Farm in Huichon City have been turned into the model entities for creation of our style civilization of the countryside.


There is no country in the world except our country which provides the\ordinary agricultural working people free of charge with the modern houses built at the expense of the state.


This proud reality is a miracle of history which can be brought by the great Workers’ Party of Korea only.


The new history of rural housing construction records the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un’s devoted efforts to translate the old aspiration\and ideals of our agricultural workers into reality.


On January 6 last year, the respected General Secretary, sitting in company with officials, gave precious instructions on the rural housing construction\and said that they should consider\organizing a guiding\organ at national level\and making preparations of material\and technical means\and labor force for the rural construction in lower unit.


Then he went on that it would be better to set up the work system for rural construction\and gradually expand the construction in future\and he gave detailed instructions on mapping out the plan for it.


Thus, the plan of building a hundred\and tens of rural houses in every county was mapped out.


On several occasions, the General Secretary instructed that the houses for agricultural workers should be built ahead of those for working people\and office workers\and the houses should be built first in border\and boundary line regions\and in mountainy areas.


Under the wise leadership of the General Secretary, many designs of rural houses, which reflected political principles, modernity, culture traits\and variety, were produced suited to the regional characteristics.


His energetic leadership in the rural housing construction leads to remarkable rural development\and the modern rural houses are renovative entities demonstrating the scientific accuracy, validity\and vitality of the programme for the rural revolution in the new era.


Thanks to the respected General Secretary who leads our people to brighter future, our people’s aspiration will be translated into reality\and rapid development will be achieved in the rural areas of the country, in the future, too.




Rodong Sinmun


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