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Kim Il Sung, Iron-willed Commander





 It was five years after Korea's liberation from the Japanese colonial rule or only two years since the birth of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea when the Korean War was unleashed by the U.S. on June 25, Juche 39 (1950).


 In defiance of the DPRK's warning on halt to the armed attack, the provokers went over to an overall war after passing through the 38th parallel at the dawn.


 The world was seized with worry over the DPRK's destiny.


 To cope with the war, President Kim Il Sung convened an extraordinary meeting of the DPRK Cabinet, at which he stressed the need to show the mettle of Koreans to the Americans taking them lightly.


 On the next day, he delivered a radio speech "Go All Out for Victory in the War" to all the Korean people and changed the Party and state affairs into a wartime system.

 In response to his order on going over to a counterattack, the Korean People's Army liberated Seoul City three days after the outbreak of the war and advanced southward.


 At that time, the President went to the forefront to command military operations.

 During the war he invented original war methods like subterranean position battle, aircraft-hunting and tank-hunting team movements and sniper team movement.


Inspired by his command, KPA seamen sank a U.S. heavy cruiser with four torpedo boats in waters off Jumunjin. And a coast artillery company with four guns defended Wolmi Islet for three days from the attacks of more than 50 000 enemy troops with hundreds of warships and 1 000 odd warplanes.


 The Korean people's victory in the war, which started the U.S. imperialists on the downhill, was entirely attributable to the Juche-based military idea and superb commanding art of Kim Il Sung, an iron-willed brilliant commander and strategist.


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