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An Open Letter to President Obama



Mr. President,

The US Department of Defense (DoD) announced on 27 May, 2015 that the U.S. Army Dugway Proving Ground (DPG) had shipped chemical and biological (CB) materiel to South Korea inadvertently including live anthrax Bacillus Anthracis, the bacterium that causes anthrax. The disease of anthrax is almost always fatal. The Secretary of Defense Mr. Ashton Carter promised an inquiry. We are still waiting for the result of the inquiry.

The Nazi did experiment on live humans during the Second World War. So did Japanese Imperial Army. The “Angel of Death”, Joseph Megele did it in Auschwitz and Unit 731, which was led by Dr. Shiro Ishii, Japanese doctor did live human experiments on Koreans, North and South, Chinese, Russians and others, in various places in Manchuria. Both Mengele and Ishii lived their natural lives without punishment. Ishii was protected by the US as a fervent anti-communist.
In 2010,


Bacillus Anthracis was shipped to US Senators. The FBI immediately went into action. It was so fast, it surveilled an innocent person and leaked its alleged evidences to public. Later the FBI, realized its mistake and settled with the person out of court which cost millions of dollars of tax payers’ money.

South Korea is a sovereign nation with its own rules and regulations. But the present South Korean Government thinks and acts like an America’s colony. The Anthrax incident shows it. South Korea has its own laws dealing with the dangerous biological chemicals such as Bacillus Anthracis. The violators of the South Korean Laws risk heavy imprisonment except probably US Government.


The South Korean Government announced it did not know that the US Government had shipped the Bacillus Anthracis to Osan in South Korea.
Korean newspapers revealed that under the program of JUPITR, Joint USFK Portal and Integrated Threat Recognition, the US Army routinely had shipped the dangerous Bacillus Anthracis to South Korea since September, 1998. The newspaper quoted Dr. Peter Emmanuel, current Bioscience Division Chief at the US Army, ECBC, Edgewood Chemical and Biological Center. He was quoted saying, “South Korean Government is so friendly to US Government that we can start this experiment in South Korea. Then, if successful, we can expand it to Africa, Europe and the whole world.”

The US Government publiclly practices the “Key Resolve” and “Freedom Guardian” exercises which are presumably against North Korea. It is well known that the current Park South Korean Government exists only because of the “Threat from North Korea,” and the US Military – Industrial Complex makes money on the threats from the North. For example, the US Military – Industrial Complex and the South Korean Government lied about the Cheonan Incident; a South Korean corvette’s being sunk by a bubble jet effect by a torpedo launched by a North Korean sub-marine. The US Navy knew it was a lie but signed off the report anyway. It was later known by the information obtained under the FOIA, Freedom of Information Act, South Korean Government, the US Navy and the then US Secretary of State, Mrs. Clinton all lied.

We would like to remind you the UN Resolution 1540 which put a very high bar on the weapons of biological mass killings. We do firmly believe that US Government will surely fail if it keeps violating civic society’s laws and regulations. We do firmly believe that the shipment of the Bacillus Anthracis to a sovereign country like South Korea will prompt the fall of the South Korean Government. We admire you for your support for the US Supreme Court Decision for the “Same Sex Marriage.” “Eqaul Dignity under the Law!” “Black Lives Matter!” “All Lives Matter!” “Korean (North and South) Lives Matter!”



2015. 7.25 
Korean Americans for peace in Korea

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